In Search of Original Dwelling

The main point that stuck out to me about “Take me away: In search of original dwelling” was how westerners sell cultures for profit, particularly with buildings. For example, the new fale found in Samoa hotels and spas are used as tourist sites that relate back to the countries history and cultural background, without keeping the important or meaningful details. They appear to be Samoan in aesthetic but not in practice exemplified in the removal of the middle post. This allows companies to sell an exoticized yet primitive version of a culture that reinforces a hierarchy of Europeans above Samoans/Maori etc and turns an entire culture into nothing more than a butchered building. In turn, Samoan culture that is displayed is actually what Westerners believe it is to be Samoan.


Works Cited:

Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr, and Wikitera, Keri-Anne. “Take me away… In search of original dwelling.” Interstices. A Journal of Architecture and Related Arts, On Adam’s House in the Pacific, Volume 10, Enigma, November 2009, pp. 42-54.


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