Kaupapa Maori and Matauranga Maori

As I understand from the reading by Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal, kaupapa maori is the actions created by maori that reflect maori values. These are done “anticipating tikanga maori” (Royal, 30). These actions also express a much wider world view.

Matauranga maori is the body of knowledge that allows for the creation of said actions. Matauranga both makes space for, and informs the actions.

I believe this artwork by Gottfried Lindauer displays both kaupapa maori and matauranga maori. Kaupapa maori is shown through the maori women weaving together to make baskets out of flax. There was a specific process that had to be followed to make these and then they would be used to hold various items. Tikanga had to be anticipated in the creation otherwise they would not be fit to be used by the people.

Matauranga maori is displayed as it seems to be an activity shared by generations. This means that the body of knowledge required to create kete had to passed down from one to another in order for them to be done correctly.

Linauer, Gottfried. Maoris Plaiting Flax Baskets. 1903, oil on canvas, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki http://www.lindaueronline.co.nz/maori-portraits/maoris-plaiting-flax-baskets

Works cited:

Royal, Te Ahukaramu Charles. “Politics and knowledge: Kaupapa Maori and matauranga maori.” New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies. Vol 47, No. 2, 2012. pp 30-37.


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