Possible Resources

These images are all things I am considering using. The first is a self portrait by Vincent Van Gogh which I find to be very interesting. I found that paintings such as these were Van Gogh’s attempt to better his skills and he used his image as it was something he knew so well. The implications of this are that they were never intended for consumption by other people and they are an honest depiction of how he saw himself. I think that gives the painting even more weight behind it because it’s so much more vulnerable and genuine. The use of the blues and the similarities in the background and his suit are such a candid depiction of his mental state which sheds a whole new light onto mental health.

The honesty behind this image is so compelling that it offers a view into idealization which you rarely see. He is also a well recognized artist so I am comfortable in using his work as it is largely accepted by others. However it is very old and no one has explicitly been told by Van Gogh, the purpose and meaning behind it.

The next image is by Barbara Kruger. It is quite sad that it is still relevant 30 years later but everyday I do feel like my body is a battleground. There as so many things that happen both internally and externally that contribute to this such as hormonal imbalances within but even more, the claims that so many people lay to my body. I am someone else’s sister, daughter, friend, ex, cousin and niece. Not only this, but I am an object that men have felt and do feel entitled to. We are constantly being put into context with others and our bodies slowly meld into someone else’s point of reference.

I am not sure how strong a tie I could make between my exploration of identity and this image but it is created by a well respected artist and is very visually interesting because of the contrast between the red and black and white.

Lastly is a painting by Colin McCahon which is a really interesting question of religion and a higher power. When asked who he was in Exodus, God responds with Yahweh, meaning I AM. The implications we get from this is that God is a constant. If he is, then he will always be. There isn’t anything hiding behind the words as it’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get situation but then no one ever has seen God in a physical form so faith has to be developed. In a personal sense, if I were to tell others that I am who I appear to be, I would be lying. Anyone would say that they change as they become more comfortable so I am left slightly conflicted about this statement.

Personally, I do not like this art style but I can appreciate it and it’s meaning in a way that would be valuable in my own work.


My criteria:

  1. The images I use need to have some significance to me otherwise I do not feel like I can draw honest conclusions from them that I can relate to myself.
  2. It is better that the images are created by recognized artists as I will be able to get even more information out of them from others who have studied the artist’s work.



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