Cindy Sherman: Experiencing and Reflecting

This past week I went to the Cindy Sherman exhibition at City Gallery Wellington. One of the moments that struck me was when I first entered into Head Shots and the space was empty. The room was silent except for the low hum of the air conditioning and the general chatter in the room over. The air was cool and crisp, forcing me to be alert and present. For a few moments I had the room to myself and was able to take it in without interruption.

By having this moment alone I was able to observe without thinking about how I appeared to others. I did not feel the need to look more or less engrossed in the art and so I was free to observe without judgement. This led to me looking at the head shot of what appears to be a young girl. However, she is clearly not a child and so I felt conflicted in my interpretation of Cindy’s character. I really like this photo and had not seen it in my previous visit and if it weren’t for the clear space that ultimately let me clear my mind, I would have left without noticing this shot. This has taught me that I need to enter spaces like galleries and museums with an open mind so that I am able to get more out of the exhibition. This may be difficult to do as I feel it is in my nature to make a judgement on anything before I actually do it, but proved to be beneficial in this instance.




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